I’m a licensed amateur radio operator!  Weu.  I’ve only been threatening to do this for a couple of decades now at least.  But I’ve done it!

I’m mainly interested in DMR, I have two TYT MD-2017 dual band HTs and have mastered the art of the codeplug.  I’ve only had the radios in hand for a little over a week, but I’ve managed to get it all setup on the PNW-DCI, and a DV4Mini connected to my slim jim and linked to Brandmeister, where I  made my first QSO ever with VA3CKI outside of Toronto on the 3100 Talkgroup.

I’ll be making individual posts with information on setting up and giving an overview of all of this here shortly, since there is a lot of documentation that’s just grown out of date out there.  Plus, I’ll be covering how to do it without windows as much as possible.  We can’t program without windows, yet, but soon hopefully.