I’m now a licensed Technician class amateur radio operator.  I only probably should have studied General and not Technician, but I’ll take that next month.  My focus is DMR, and have my hotspots working great with Brandmeister and our local network.  You can raise me on TG31672, when I’m around which is often these days.  I’m also on the PNW DCi watching Wash1 & 2 and PNW1 & 2.

Nothing for 1.25m or 33cm yet.  Yet.


Current Equipment –

  • Anytone D868UV (My favorite by Far)
  • Radioddity GD-77 (My backup, mostly for the local network as it’s DMR ID storage is limited)
  • TYT MD-2017 (For sale, with headset, spkr mic, battery eliminator $120 US shipped domestic! hehe )
  • DVMega (On the PNW DCI’s Bridget server for my area)
  • ZUMSpot
  • BI7JTA Duplex Hotspot
  • N9TAX 2m/70cm roll-up slim jim