fiche pastebin – based on netcat

I’ve setup a fiche based pastebin, if needed.  It utilizes netcat, which is available on a myriad of platforms.  In bash you can simply:

date | nc 9999

Or create an alias:

alias bpb=”nc 9999″

date | bpb

The URL’s are nice and short!  Might be interesting to detect http and https and turn those pastes into URL redirection?  Dunno.  But for now it’s there as a pastebin.


Essentially, this is just so I have a place to post my crappy solutions to my crappy tech problems enabling search engines to provide them to you all… I’ll assume that’s why you’re here.  Things I do, mostly… GNU/Linux in general, gentoo mostly.  SBC’s, Odroid’s mostly.  SDR’s, V3’s, specifically.  VOIP for a living, lots of Asterisk, OpenSIPS, and Grandstream equipment.

I’ve also been trying to get my hands on every cheap antenna I can and will eventually be providing some comparisons as well as information about what can be accomplished with cheaper antenna solutions in the sub-$20US range.