DIY Planar Disk Antenna

I finished up a quick pizza pan Planar Disk antenna based on WA5VJB’s guide. My dollar-store didn’t have anything larger than 13″ pans.  So, with a Planar Disk that should give me a bottom range of about 227MHz, I was hoping.   After getting great performance out of the PD at 70cm, I decided to do a heatmap at 2m to see if it could do anything there.  I compared it with my N9TAX Slim Jim dual-band.  Below is an image comparison slider of the two heatmaps, one from each atenna.  The image on the left is the pizza pan based Planar Disk antenna I made for $2 and a scrap RP-SMA cable from a really low-quality cellphone antenna base that broke.  Standalone images here and here.  I’ll have to find something to compare it to, on the high end, to see how high it can go.  If 1/16th inch separation gets you 1.3GHz, I should be higher than that ’cause it’s probably 1/32″ of a gap at the moment. UPDATE: Warning, images are large.  Second this is how to do the heatmaps here.

DIY pizza pan Planar Disk vs N9TAX Slim Jim – 2m band

DIY pizza pan Planar Disk vs N9TAX Slim Jim – 70cm band

(Bottom half of 70cm is dead, due to my proximity to the Canadian/US border.  This is 440MHz-450MHz)

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