I have dump1090 setup doing ADS-B decoding on a Raspberry Pi using a nice PCB 1090MHz dipole.  It enables me to see a ton of plane traffic overhead.  It serves no real purpose other than it’s something neat to look at.  From my research I felt I should be picking up a much wider view of the sky than I was, and sought out ways to improve.  The antenna certainly seemed good enough.  That’s when I saw the LNA add-on available from rtl-sdr.com.  The difference is startling, honestly.  See for yourself. Read more “RTL-SDR Blog’s ADS-B LNA”


I’m a licensed amateur radio operator!  Weu.  I’ve only been threatening to do this for a couple of decades now at least.  But I’ve done it!

I’m mainly interested in DMR, I have two TYT MD-2017 dual band HTs and have mastered the art of the codeplug.  I’ve only had the radios in hand for a little over a week, but I’ve managed to get it all setup on the PNW-DCI, and a DV4Mini connected to my slim jim and linked to Brandmeister, where I  made my first QSO ever with VA3CKI outside of Toronto on the 3100 Talkgroup.

I’ll be making individual posts with information on setting up and giving an overview of all of this here shortly, since there is a lot of documentation that’s just grown out of date out there.  Plus, I’ll be covering how to do it without windows as much as possible.  We can’t program without windows, yet, but soon hopefully.

DIY Planar Disk Antenna

I finished up a quick pizza pan Planar Disk antenna based on WA5VJB’s guide. My dollar-store didn’t have anything larger than 13″ pans.  So, with a Planar Disk that should give me a bottom range of about 227MHz, I was hoping.   After getting great performance out of the PD at 70cm, I decided to do a heatmap at 2m to see if it could do anything there.  I compared it with my N9TAX Slim Jim dual-band.  Below is an image comparison slider of the two heatmaps, one from each atenna.  The image on the left is the pizza pan based Planar Disk antenna I made for $2 and a scrap RP-SMA cable from a really low-quality cellphone antenna base that broke.  Standalone images here and here.  I’ll have to find something to compare it to, on the high end, to see how high it can go.  If 1/16th inch separation gets you 1.3GHz, I should be higher than that ’cause it’s probably 1/32″ of a gap at the moment. UPDATE: Warning, images are large.  Second this is how to do the heatmaps here. Read more “DIY Planar Disk Antenna”

fiche pastebin – based on netcat

I’ve setup a fiche based pastebin, if needed.  It utilizes netcat, which is available on a myriad of platforms.  In bash you can simply:

date | nc p.bhi.me 9999


Or create an alias:

alias bpb=”nc p.bhi.me 9999″

date | bpb


The URL’s are nice and short!  Might be interesting to detect http and https and turn those pastes into URL redirection?  Dunno.  But for now it’s there as a pastebin.


Essentially, this is just so I have a place to post my crappy solutions to my crappy tech problems enabling search engines to provide them to you all… I’ll assume that’s why you’re here.  Things I do, mostly… GNU/Linux in general, gentoo mostly.  SBC’s, Odroid’s mostly.  SDR’s, RTL-SDR.com V3’s, specifically.  VOIP for a living, lots of Asterisk, OpenSIPS, and Grandstream equipment.

I’ve also been trying to get my hands on every cheap antenna I can and will eventually be providing some comparisons as well as information about what can be accomplished with cheaper antenna solutions in the sub-$20US range.